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Prints are available for the images listed below. Images found elsewhere on the site are also available for purchase, if you are interested. Please inquire about any image not on this page, as it may require some modifications (e.g. cropping) before it can be printed. Most (but not all) of the images below are large-format images stitched from hundreds of individual photos. As these images are taken and processed, I don’t give a lot of thought to the particular aspect ratios that would be necessary for printing – as a result, there is often some difference in the cropping of these images compared to the full images you see in the galleries. Because the source images are so large, it enables them to be resized and cropped to a variety of aspect ratios without loss of quality. As a result, many of the images below will be offered in more than one crop ratio. Clicking on any image will give information about the scene, and what sizes that particular image is available in.

I recommend printing the images below on aluminum, acrylic, or on canvas. All can be mounted to a wall without framing. Aluminum and acrylic prints offer excellent detail and saturation, while canvas prints offer a more rustic look. Depending on the crop ratios, the following sizes are generally available:

(1×3): 8×24, 10×30, 12×36 (aluminum, acrylic); 12×36, 20×60 (canvas)
(1×2): 10×20, 12×24, 20×40 (aluminum, acrylic); 10×20, 20×40 (canvas)
(2×3): 16×24, 24×36 (aluminum, acrylic); 16×24, 24×36 (canvas);

Because the price of printing changes from time to time, please contact me (images at wisch dot org) for current prices on any prints. For those interested in other sizes or prints from elsewhere on my site, please feel free to contact me as well.

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